How To Get Free Gift Cards and VISA With Money!

The way you can receive gift cards and visa cards it pretty simple and can be done from a phone. The way this works is you make an account and use your own referral code over and over again until you get the amount of points you desire.

  1. Download Fetch Rewards, Parallel Space, TextNow, and Gmail on your app store

  2. Make a gmail account

  3. Register to text now with the new gmail account and get a free phone number

  4. Open fetch rewards and register with your new gmail account use the free number aswell

  5. Once you register you could use my referral code JTENFT if you want for an extra 2,000 points(About $2) if not no worries.

  6. You will need to verify your account so it doesn’t get suspended. There are 2 ways, first use a real receipt that you got from a store and scan it. The 2nd way is to use a receipt maker website. I recommend the 1st way because fetch rewards can sometimes detect fake receipts.

  7. After you do this you can start making fake referral account. Go to the “Me” section and on refer a friend copy the code. This is your own referral code which you will be using to make fake account.

  8. Open Parallel Space and add the fetch rewards app. This will create a second fetch rewards app.

  9. Repeat steps 2-4 except this time register on the second app created with parallel space.

  10. When it asks you if you have a referral code use your own code from the first account made. DON’T USE MINE

  11. In order for it to give points to your 1st account you need to scan one receipt. Again I recommend using a real receipt but if you can’t take your chances with a receipt maker

  12. After you you can one receipt you have to go to your settings locate app settings and find Parallel Space clear the data

  13. Open Parallel Space and make add the fetch rewards app frome here repeat steps 2-4.

  14. You keep following these steps until you have as many points as you want. Your 1st account has a 3 day wait period from creation. You will not be able to redeem any points during this period.

You can use my referral code JTENFT for an extra 2k points ($2) on your 1st account or the one you want to redeem with.

Failure to follow these steps will results in account deactivation. I recommend only doing $5 to $10 redemptions. I tried doing $50 and my account was deactivated!

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