How To Get Free Games Nonstop


Step 1: Go to or and pick out the game you would like to get. After you’ve picked it out, go ahead and buy it. Don’t worry, the money will be refunded to you.

Step 2: Login to your main account on steam/origin/epic games/gog and redeem the code. After you have redeemed the code, log out.

Step 3: After you have logged out of your main account, create a dummy account and try to activate the same code again. Take a screenshot of the “failed to activate” message.

Step 4: Open a support ticket on whatever website you purchased off of. Tell them that you tried to claim the code, but it had already been redeemed.

Step 5: From my personal experience all they ask for is your order number and proof that the redemption failed. That’s it. They will either offer a replacement code or a full refund.



Not the right way.


it should be direct account

Not all of the game sites can be “cheated” like that. For instance on Instant Gaming the y have an script in place that send them when you activate the key you bought from them. So you cannot cheat with just a screenshot of an used key.

+1 on igg-games(dot)com!!
As long as you’re not clicking on popups and ads, you won’t get any mal/adware.