How To Get Free Flacs | High Quality Music

  1. Go to and make a free account.

  2. After logging in press F12 to open up Developer Tools, Go under the Application tab (if you don’t see it click the double arrow), Open the cookie dropdown, Select, Find the arl cookie (It should be 192 chars long) That’s your ARL, you need to paste this down in a notepad.

  3. Go to and download pyweb for what ever OS you’re using

  4. Go to the settings tab in deemix and paste your ARL in the login tab and login

  5. Go to the settings tab again and scroll down to “Preferred Bitrate” and select “FLAC 1411kbps”

  6. Now you can download music in flac form.

  7. Download the “VLC for Mobile” app on your phone

  8. Once it’s downloaded open it and go to the network tab and toggle on “Sharing via WiFi”

  9. Now go to the provided server on your pc and drag you flacs in.

  10. You’re done enjoy your free flacs!

Happy learning!


Not available in your country

Try freezer its the best!



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Now Deezer have drm too on FLACs. So if you dont have HiFi sub then ou cant download FLACs for free. If you can decrypt the DRM you can download them.

  • Deezer patched shit. Max streaming/downloading is MP3 320kbps. FLAC is over if you are not a HiFi user

But as i can remember deemix is still working with FLACs.