How To Get Free Domains + VPS | UHQ Method

  1. So basically, we are going to get a free VPS and domain through the github student developer pack .

  2. Get an email which is from your school. If you don’t have this, Ask your school’s IT department, they can usually provide it.

  3. If you aren’t successful in the above, Get an ID card. It must be recent (1 year or less). Just steal your brother’s id card for 5 minutes to take a picture.

  4. If you don’t have an ID card, get a HARD COPY of grade sheet/mark sheet of previous grade. Github staff is dumb, and i made over 3 accounts with the same copy of marksheet (make sure it’s slightly tilted in the photo each time)

  5. Gather all your details and apply at

  6. Wait a few days/weeks depending on your luck. It usually takes less than 15 days, but it can take over a month. Use a school email if you are impatient. That should be instant

  7. Get the code for the free domains on namecheap/, and redeem on their respective services.

  8. For VPS, use either Microsoft azure (Included in pack) or Digitalocean (preferred, but you have to link VCC, or deposit 5$ through paypal).



hi, I have tried everything but it just won’t let me submit the form. No matter which document I upload I always get one of following message:

  • Please upload proof of your current school affiliation
  • Applicants from your school have provided academic affiliation documentation that we trust more. Please provide one of the suggested documents instead.

Explain this part please. I already have education access with github