How to get free domain for my blogger site for free may 2020

Can anyone help me with how can I buy domain for free.
I know this topic already been posted but I try all method but not a single method working right know…
That’s why I thought that I should ask with community…
And ThankYou in Advanced☺️

…None of them closed, I did not think of replying to an existing one, Ops! < this looks perfect!

You could’ve asked this question on the existing topic instead of dumping it again, as you know already how many times it got dumped, what if, in the future who’s gonna follow the solution from 10 different topics?. It does make sense.

Anyway, I approved of your topic to let you know about the whole protocol, and many others if they are listening. remember, search here and If you know something totally similar available then you must speak there in return whatever method works it will stick under a single roof, it may help everyone to redirect anyone to that topic to the point.

NOTE: for free, free, how to free, get free, give free, share free?. these kinds of topic, You must read the FAQ once, please. I could’ve rejected it, but as I said, I didn’t mean to hurt you.

All good, it’s fine, let’s members around find out the solution & let you know…

Cheers & stay safe!. :slight_smile:


Thanks @SaM😉
I understood!

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Free things always comes with restrictions, instead i will suggest you to spend Rs:70 to 120 (Less than 2$) at namecheap domains.

you can get domain extensions like .pw, xyz, club, online, site for one year.


I got it thanks @studyplanner