How To Get Free Cell Service 4G [NOT-TESTED]

Go to
Select the is closest to you. In my example, Europe.
Now, again, select the closest country to you. In my example, Germany.
Now select a server by clicking on “Create Username and Password” on the bottom.
In the fields enter Username and Password as you like (Remeber them!)
Click “Create Premium Best VPN account”.
Now note the Account data somewhere.
Go to for a proxy
Search for the IP you just got. If it isn’t present just pick a Proxy in the same country. Remember the ports.

Part 2 - Applying on your phone

Download the app “Http Injector” from the Play Store. Direct Link Open!
On the left, there is a 3 - Line menu. Click it.
Click on “SSH Settings”
In these settings use the info you got in Part 1 - Step 7.
SSH Host: The IP. In my case,
SSH Port: 22
Username: Your username. In my case,
Password: Your password. In my case, hunter2.
Go back to the main page.
Click the menu again.
Go to “Payload Generator”
This is the part where you need to try what works for you. The basic configuration will follow, in case it doesn’t work just google or contact me on Discord.
Basic configuration:
Extra Header (Tick): Online Host, Forward Host, Keep-Alive
Click “Generate Payload”
Now you should be on the main page again and the payload should be generated.
Below the payload, there should be a line “Remote Proxy”. Click it. Photo
Fill in the details from Part 1 - Step 9. In my example, Photo
Click Save
Click Start on the main page.
Go to log on the top to see if your connected or whats going on.