How To Get Every Premium Font For Free | Method!

I found this website that will help you even more. If you can’t find it on the website just use the tutorial down below.[/spoiler] Here is the Website:

  1. Choose the font you want, in this case I’ll use ‘Neue Helvetica’

  2. Search the font like this: [font name].ttf OR [font name].otf

  3. Click on one of the links and click Download

ALTERNATIVES (If you didn’t found it on Google yet)

You can replace

.ttf with .ot
intitle: [font name].ttf github [Font name].ttf

And now, you have your premium font that you wanted! Enjoy!


Thank you for the tutorial.

Thanks for sharing information on how to search through Google search engine.

this is great stuff!

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cant find this font… budge font family… with the method above

You can use it with “” for optimal results.
Just sharing.
Thanks for the trick.

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