How to get edu mail in 5 hours in 2020 (100% working)


My neck hurts… couldn’t you rotate it for a more comfortable viewing?


8 hours from my registration but still the Username and password don’t work.
“something went wrong please resign again”, this is the message it prompts.

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Me too, always show username and pass not correct

Yeah, what I noticed here is that People tend to be too direct and post what is relatively true. Works indeed but not with all and not in the exact time.
What I like most is that you follow closely the tuto you always get it only the time can differ from what has been said.
Let’s wait by the end of the day it may work.

who is going to watch that video up to the end ???
@Rahidh rotate your video and repost it :


Have you try again? Just now i try and its work

Download this video and open it using vlc media player -> goto tools -> effects and filters -> select Video effects tabs -> then select Geometry tab -> click on Transform checkbox -> select rotate by 90 degrees option and click on save button.

Dont forget to revert this setting once you are done watching this video.

Woah, that’s way too many steps & too much trouble just to watch a video in the right angle… thanks for the tip, though.

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hehehe. Just a suggestion. :grimacing: :wink:

It works but it request more time that stated in the initial post.

Finally it works !
I do have access to both gmail an gdrive even if I don’t how much storage I have. I didn’t check with office. On my way to try right now.

Are you sure about that ?
I don’t have any office subscription with it and if I try to subscribe to office for education,it says that office for éducation subscription has been bloacked by the IT service and to contact them. But gmail and gdrive are there per default. Open Gmail put your edu mail and get connected via the school platform.

Just checked. They blocked the office subscription. :expressionless:

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I still cant use gmail, only gdrive

Got Unlimited GDrive Bro ?

The discussion has gone more about flipping the video rather than giving update on its working :rofl:

I didn’t watch that video, but have an solution.
Just play in vlc and lock the screen by clicking the lick button on bottom left

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I am trying to understand the logic behind the tilted video o.O

type right alt + arrow keys(right or top )

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