How To Get Disney+ Star for free!!!

This is how you can get Disney+ Star for free. Disney+ Star is a new Add on to Disney+.

  1. Register for an account on (If you are outside of the U.S, Use a VPN and connect it to USA.)

  2. Go to and paste this bin (52215800277xxxxx) and generate the CCs.

  3. Go to and get a live CC

  4. Register for the Disney+ Bundle pack using the live CC.

  5. Go to and chat with a live representative and say that you want to change your account country to Canada.

  6. After giving them the necessary info, and after they changed the account country, get a VPN and put the IP on Canada.

  7. After you connect to the VPN, go to and login

  8. If it worked you should see a Star channel on the homepage.

  9. Enjoy!!!


Thanks for this tip bro.
It worked even when I skipped step 5. (Did not change account to CA.)
My account was USA based but the Star channel still appeared, as long as my VPN was to Canada.

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I would work, but you would not have all the videos and movies on the channel unless you change the account country.

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