How To Get Custom Status With Better Discord đź’Ż

Download Better Discord Here:

Once your done restart discord (ctrl+r)

Next up is download this JS File:…brary.plugin_js

after you have better discord and the JS File open your discord settings find the area (Plugins) Open That then click Open Plugin Folder at the top and drop the JS File in it

Once That’s Been Done Enable it in the plugins (if it doesn’t show restart one more time)

Then you wanna ctrl+shift+i

Go To Console and paste this ZLibrary.DiscordAPI.currentUser.discordObject.flags |= 1

Click enter and you should see where your discord status (offline/online) should come up with set custom status also works with custom emotes.

NOTE: You can simply use Custom status by using the above method or visit this thread Because betterdiscord can get banned.