How To Get Canva Edu For Free | Without Documents

nexomail didn’t work for me, but I found this:

I used and it worked.

1 Like worked but it just Free personal Account.

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I think its just the same if youre created a regular account since its a free account bro

I used

I signed up but the account still says free account, I don’t think this trick is working anymore. Also using OP’s email provider didn’t work as well.

My account worked for a couple of weeks and todays was downgraded to free

me too yesterday

mine too has been downgraded

After a short period, your account gets downgraded so use a BIN instead: 541606000140xxxx…Make sure you use a checker to get live CC from the BIN and also keep in mind you will need many tries before getting a hit.

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I’m not surprised if this methods patched faster.
So many people use this method at the same times.
Most of them make a bulk and then sell it.
Now I wonder how they handle the complains. :joy: Because their account suddenly become free. Not edu admin anymore. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Is that method for a 30 day trial?

Could you please teach me that method