How To Get Black Ops 2 MiltiPlayer + Zombie Games For Free On PC

Found the Leak!

How to get black ops 2 + Zombie games on pc all DLC’s are unlocked, and enjoy it!

1- First you need to download plutonium on
Then scroll down and click on BO2 Download

2-Create an account to download Plutonium.exe

3- after you downloaded this you need to download piry.exe in the same website
then put it in the same folder both (piry.exe,plutonium.exe)

4-run piry.exe and let this run until the required data is downloaded
5-after the download have been done then run plutonium.exe
6-sign in with your account
7-go to black ops 2 on the left side of the application and setup it with your download folder it is depended on you when you are saved your bo2 folder(example in Disk C or DisK E)
8-Then click on Start and enjoy it (Make sure that Steam is closed to avoid errors)


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