How To Get Any Steam Account For Free

  1. The user finds a profitable victim
  2. Uses social engineering to get email and login to the account
    “I have a steam account key generator, it costs you nothing and all it needs is your login and account email, nothing else. Based on this, the generator generates game keys.”
    3.As the victim gives you login and email, you give her some cheap key from eneba or other store, previously purchased for example :…team-key-global
  3. You ask her what game it is, then you are 100% sure that she activated it on the account
  4. When you have a login and email, you are sure that you will take over the account, it is only a matter of time
  5. Using the proxy go to steam > support > stolen account
  6. Fill out the form with your data
  7. In the description field you describe the situation in this way, for example: “Good morning I recently lost my phone, on which I had a steam guard, I am extremely sad that I have no way to get into my account, since I had a steam guard, I suspect that someone has taken over my account. A few days ago I bought a new game , and this is its activation key . In addition, attached is an invoice from the eneba store where I purchased it. Please help me and understand my hard situation.”
  8. After a few days, a reply comes about the replacement of the email address, deactivation of the steam guard and a new password generated.
    10.Enjoy your stolen account.