How to get Any Desgin, stock video from Envato Elements for free

  1. Go to Envato elements and browse through what you need.
  2. Copy the title of the element.
  3. Go to this website >>
  4. Search for the complete envanto title directly and if no results, then search for a part of it
  5. After you find your element, Scroll Down and copy the item code.
  6. Scroll back up and you should see a “FKDCMA” menu, click on it. It will redirect you to a new page.
  7. Paste the item Code, solve the Captcha and Download.

Have Fun


Not working :persevere:… It says “You need to login to get this item”.

Sorry, Buddy I forget to mention that but yeah you have yo log in

Where I have to log in? Can you explain a little bit, please.

When you are redirect to FKDCMA there is login button in right top cornor, you have to login with your google account

How do you get more points on Fuckdmca please

you cannot get more point but you an choose url shortening option instead of point

not many things are there,
its best you just use google properly

thanks man! it works
pls do you have an idea of how we can download from envato market for free?

Recently, some files from their GDrive were removed.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Man the captcha never gets solved, I have tried like 100s of time, not even once it was solved. I think it’s making fool or something.

I was trying for this.


Thanks buddy…! totally amazing work :raised_hands: you done

Try Universal Bypass extension to bypass captcha easily…


Let me tell you. Try using some other browser on Fckdcma. This will work 100 percent. Don’t use Chrome.

Thanks :heart_eyes:

Awesome share! Thank you.

still working like a charm