How To Get Amazon/Twitch Prime For Free | No Credit Card

How to Get Amazon**/Twitch** Prime for Free

Step 1:

~ First, we need a Twitch account. There is nothing difficult in this guide, we go through a simple registration stage. Just register a new Twitch account.

Step 2:

~ After registering an account, go to the forum section and find Jobs and services then choose any topic related to Amazon and write to the support, that we want to work. They throw a manual at you with a template and ask for your mail. You send your mail and the support issues a table with accounts. Accounts usually go from 5 accounts to 15, depending on which operator. After that, go to your account and confirm the temporary code.

Step 3:

~ In your Twitch account, click on the crown and click “Start trial period”.

After that, we confirm everything that is required of us.

As you can see - they don’t need our credit card.

Congratulations, you are now a Twitch Prime owner and can use any bonuses. At the same time, you do not need to spend a single penny and extra nerves.

If You are confused, where the "forum section page is. Please go to the link below this edit and find "Jobs ". After that follow from Step 3.Link:

Source: Credit to Edexcel from Nulled

Happy learning!


can you tell which job name to choose because I am not able to find any job related to amazon.

I didint understand pls explain more briefly

yall!!! aaight! working like charm!!!

I was able to activate AWS services too and get a 100us dollars bonus (I don’t know why but ain’t complaining tho lol)

what us the actual method from Step 2

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