How To Get Amazon Prime Yearly Base Account ⭐

This isn’t some bullshit, and will work for as long as the bin works. However, if it does die and stops working, let me know I will update it.

Process takes under 10 mins, nothing too hard.

This is going to be using the BIN method, so most likely wont work for a while. do it asap.

All you are going to need for this to work is a functional phone number, a good vpn, and a real working gmail.

Use this for the phone number -

To start things off connect to a french vpn server and head over to - and create a new account

Once you have the account created head over to the prime section here

Click where it says “Commencer mon essai gratuit de 30 jours”

Click “Ajouter une carte de crédit ou de débit” to add a payment method

Go to - - and paste “497004xxxxxxxxxx” in for the “bin” to generate some cards

Pick any card and put the information in amazon as so

Next you will need to put an address, just put something random here. https://www.fakepers…/random-address

After that just hit continue, then click “GRATUIT : Tester pendant 30 jours”

After that you should see this message

Nice, now we want to change that to yearly sub, hit continue and go to this link -

Click “Changer la durée de l’abonnement” then click annual plan. then update

After that you should be good to go, just add an email in settings and your set!



yes if you want fbi to knock on your door

It works but then the account becomes on hold. If you have new working bins, I’m interested.