How To Get Amazon Prime For 30 Days | Bin Method 💯

Bin: 462964xxxxxxxxxx

Follow steps below:

Step 1: Go to Paste the Bin and click Generate

Step 2: Copy the Card Details and go to
Paste the Card Details in the Box and Click Submit
Now Pick a Live One.

Step 3: Go to this Website with a UK IP. (I used NORDVPN)

Step 4: Login And Go to Try Prime Page.
Use any random name (Don’t use xyz :rofl:) and use the live card details.
Then Click on Add your card.

Step 5: Go to this website and select Birmingham as HotCity.

Or use the details that I used.

Address Line 1: 68 Boroughbridge Road
County: Buckinghamshire
Post Code: B4 7XY
Phone No.: Random 10 Digit.

Then Click on Use This Address.

Step 6: Use the Suggested Address.

Step 7: Click on Try Prime Free

Congratulations !! You got Amazon Prime for 30 Days. :tada::tada::tada:

Use it only once and don’t create a bunch of accounts. Or the method will be Busted..

Hit Like if you got Prime

Note: Next time you log in with your real location, you will have to change your location.
Don’t worry it will not cancel your subscription.

Enjoy folks :slight_smile:

And special thanks to Captain @SaM for supporting me.


Thanks a lot…very detailed…Its working!!!..respect :pray: :pray:

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Thanks! It worked!

Any specific site to bypass OTP verification for new accounts?

@gankyhack @arnobk You used existing accounts? or made new one?

Thanks dude it’s working, I appreciate your effort.

it is asking for otp while verifying phone number

Thanks alot got through…

is this working outside UK ?

yes, you can watch every show .

used in a previously created account

Dont use fake emails or temp mail, use gmail or hotmail for account creation

Make ids on rather than on


Awesome Dude Its working!!!

you can do this without VPN. been doing this for my Mobile Legends trick

bro !! now it is not showing india option in the changing country option.what to do now bro??
how to change country to india

There is no free trial available now.