How to get Amazon Prime 6 months for free! 🎁

How to get Amazon Prime for free! :gift:


  • This only works for 6 months. After that, you’ll have to come back to this tutorial and make a new account.

  • This will be a long tutorial so please be patient, thank you.


  • Use a USA VPN during this tutorial (just in case it doesn’t work for you the first time).


1.) First, head over to SaM’s tutorial about how to make free .edu email addresses: and follow that tutorial.

2.) Once you have your .edu email address created, turn on your US VPN and head over to

3.) Click on ‘Start Your 6-Month Trial’. If you already have an account, sign in. If not (or you want a fresh account), click on ‘Create your Amazon account’.

4.) Type in your .edu email address and choose any expected graduation, any academic level and whatever major you want, it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

5.) Scroll down the page and click on ‘Add a card’. For Card number, type in either:

- 5196032037001720

- 5196032031727288

- 5196032034453247

- 5196032031705151

- 5196032037358146

- 5196032030335844

The name on the card can be anything you like and for the expiration date, set it as 6/19 .

6.) Next, click on ‘Add an address’ and type in valid information (unless you already have an address on your Amazon account which can be used) and then click on ‘Continue’.

7.) It will then ask you to check your .edu email address to verify your account so do so by signing into your .edu email and clicking on the verification link.

After that, you’re all set! You now have a 6 month student trial on your Amazon account. You may delete the fake credit card on your account if you’d like, it does not matter whether you do or not.

It would be really appreciated if you could heart and thank me for this tutorial. Thank you ! :sunglasses:


Superb share, Best of luck to our 1Hackers to enjoy & get their 6 month premium by the given method :blush:



Thanks @SaM for your hoping and inspiring speeches :smile:

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Yeah, I’m Speechless nowaday :crazy_face: :smiley: LOL


Thank you so much Sam
You are the best
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Thank You So Much Dude:heart::heart::heart:

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After creating opencc account how to find mu edu mail account?

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EDU accounts have been restricted to receive emails from any other source except uni and 2,3 others unless you take a class …so since we can’t verify our account on amazon bcz we won’t recieve mails…I don’t understand reason of this thread…i maybe wrong

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this method is not working now
prime subscription gets suspended due to payment method
the given cards dont work