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The main idea is to break the trial period on the site , which provides access to various neural networks by subscription, including the ChatGPT-4 we need.

Step 1: Region
[Image: L8bqhFz.png]


To avoid problems, turn on the VPN for the Hong Kong Region , I’ll tell you why later.
Anyone can use a VPN client. ps judging by the reviews, it also works well with Australia

Step 2: Registration

Getting to the registration page, we poke on the inscription " Use email ".
Then whoever wants, you can use your mail / autoregistration, I use temporary mail ( ).
Even the insane will figure it out, we get the code by mail → we activate the account.
[Image: 0LFR0gZ.png]

[Image: ekseixQ.png]

Step 3: Activation

After activating the account, we find ourselves in Settings .
Where we see the treasured button " Subscribe to Poe ".PS That’s why we included VPN for a certain region.
The site, judging by the metric, is mostly narrow-eyed, and they do not want to share with others.
In the worst case, the ability to activate a subscription simply will not be available.
And so, let’s continue… Click on the inscription " Start free trial " and redirect to the site of the stripe merchant connected to this service. We see in front of us a window for entering payment details.

[Image: jMP5oXT.png]

[Image: xADRF95.png]

[Image: 1Zl7Zht.png]

[Image: T1rPa16.png]

The fields of e-mail, billing (address), name are filled in for the sake of it, you can use the sites for generating these parameters, for example ( ).
USE A VCC(Virtual credit card- many guides on how to get one free and legaly)/or just get a valid number to fill out the payment details.
But don’t use the actual Date/Cvv from the VCC just enter random numbers. (their system is shit). So you won’t get billed on your actual card.
And if you did everything correctly, a green beautiful checkmark should appear below

[Image: Ep1VU6A.png]


After all the operations, we are returned to the site, where we see the coveted notification of successful activation.
Congratulations, you now have access to everything. To use GPT-4, we poke on the tab of the same name and use it.
After the end of the trial period, we repeat everything from the beginning and use it further.

[Image: 3OKOkEQ.png]

Credit @Deus_ - Nulled

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Happy learning!


Brilliant. Thank you.

It worked, thanks!

Thanks bro great work :+1::+1:

How do you bypass using temp-mail email? The website keeps telling me domain “This email domain cannot be used on Poe. Please use a different email.”

that worked great thanks bro.

I tried creating a VCC and failed on Passport/ any document verification steps
Can any one provide me a link to create a VCC ?

is there any way that you can provide me with a VCC number, i will be changing Date/Cvv :smiling_face_with_tear:

google it “virtual credit card generator” for me this dupli checker worked for me.

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Can anyone guide me on usage of VPN. Which one should i use? Thanks

Sometimes I use Opera


Chat GPT has released app on playstore as well, to download head to the link below:

You can also use the same email for multiple registrations anywhere if you have a Gmail account just throw a “.” Somewhere in it before the @ somewhere in the address. Most sites see this as a unique address but google just strips it out and filters them all into the same account. PS you can use hacked IPAs and APKs on mobile to get gpt4 access without signing up for anything

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Can you link some of those please?

It keeps asking for a phone number :frowning:

How do i install the ipa?

Not applicable anymore, dear sir. don’t offer free trial anymore.