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Nice share…

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks a lot for sharing so many courses.

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in case if you wondered how to download folders instead of whole repo just paste the folder link.


Not, complete BTW

Great Share buddy !!! The courses offered by Educative are pretty good… Thanks for this wonderful share, and for your hard work and efforts…

I did not create this github repository, I just found it after several searches


thanks for sharing

Appreciated, thanks a lot brother! I owe you

Thanks to the OneHack post, the github project has won more than 120 stars! :tada:

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if anyone interested i can provide other courses of educative in return for some website hacking courses like oscp, dedsec etc…


This is a community that grows together… While many people could benefit from the content that you claim you can provide, many may not be able to REPAY you with content of your interest. It’s upto you to share knowledge to others or keep it to yourself… And there are already so many Hacking tutorials that have been posted on OneHack forums, maybe not all courses of your liking are present there, but you should check them out…

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