How To Get 5TB Online Cloud Storage 💯

Simple Method:

  • Go to this site:

  • Click to get 5000gb free space

  • Fill in your information (use Gmail email)

  • Choose USA as country and you are done!

DISCLAIMER: I’m not fully sure is it legit or not, but considering the source it is legit indeed, as for members a few anonymous friends reported it’s real and working!

@SaM Chief kindly take care of this article if it requires your attention!


Registration failed.Plese try again later

YOU ARE A HERO. Using a VPN, I was able to make 4 separate accounts for my Family members. This shit’s legit. Pardon my French.


Make sure you choose US for the region, that tripped me up first couple of attempts.


This shit looks legit and reliable but no guarantee, Enjoy & have fun! :slight_smile:

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Yes it seems like legit working service…
Thanks for sharing this

I also check it, but there is no need to use vpn to get 5tb. I’m from india, and I create account by giving location india while signup. and it went well. :yum:


it worked without VPN (Germany) thank you for this great tip :smile:

Working with vpn. But i think its added in gdrive.
I don’t know uploading in this site is secure our data.

Thanks !

Its worked for me

5 tb for free? Seems suspicious.
Do they also have some.policy like dubox?

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how do i upload it ffrom internet

All that extra precaution was for naught! :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the heads up though!

thanks bro. but up & down speed is so slow

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Well it worked,

The speed is atrocious - I can’t even upload files at 500KB/s on a 1GBPS connection. I tried a 400mb file and it takes forever to upload.

I don’t know how legit it is, because:

  • it’s an Iranian company that I’ve never heard of
  • there are no public reviews from any legit sources, no reputation scores
  • the speeds are a complete scam.

Not to mention the strict rules:

Once again I’ve learned that I should never trust any no-name free TB storage providers - been scammed too many times by them, and I found my email stolen, too.

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