How To Get 400 Followers Every Day For Social Media Accounts

  1. First go to this site and sign up: or Use my ref link so you get more points at the beginning.

  2. Then download the program.

  3. In the program you need to login to accounts like Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Twitter,, etc (Don’t login to your main account, make fake accounts)

  4. This program will automatically get points for you and you can use your points to get Instagram Followers or Likes.

  5. I Recommend you to make and use new accounts to get points, then you can use the points on your Main Instagram account.
    Make your fake accounts look real because the program gives more points for accounts that does not look fake.

How to make your Instagram account level 3 on the program to get more points:

  1. Upload a profile picture and write some info.

  2. Send 5 photos and 5 videos.

  3. Follow a few random people and get at least 20 people to follow back.

  4. Updates:

10: Now you need 10 photos instead of 5.

Level 3 gives you 200% more points.
Level 2 gives you 150%.
Level 1 only 100%.
Level 0 50%.



Thank you very much.