How To Get 2TB Free In Dropbox (EXPIRED)

  1. Get an Italian Proxy/VPN (Local Area Apply, Not Via Browser Extension)
  2. Register an account on
  3. Choose the 2TB Plan
  4. Select the Annual billing, Fatturazione Annuale
  5. Use Direct Debit as Payment Method, Addebito Diretto
  6. Complete The Form With Fake Data.
  7. Ready You already have a dropbox account with 2 terabytes of space.

Payment method can be any, just use and provide fake info.

NOTE: This is a trick and so far reported it’s working, If it doesn’t work any longer, Don’t push it, and make sure you’re following correct instruction. And if this method helps to at least a single person, that means it’s worth.

Enjoy! :+1:

LAST EDITED: This trick is no more tricky, it got busted, you will get 2 GB only after 2nd login attempt, Avoid complaining. This trick got busted but when it published it was full of 2tb.


Got Working One :smile:

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not working for me :pensive:

Thanks sam got one for me ! this IBAN :IT85M5508898545109326040966 worked for me
hey sam i have a question is this lifetime account or just for one year ?? will it get suspended??@sam @SaM

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may be i think that id will be suspended

Not working

Most probably will work for one year at max, as the billing shows the next due billing one year from now. Once system will process the billing, it will be rejected and may lead to suspension of account till bills are cleared.

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Working fine for me. Thanks.

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Nope, someone already said that, It works for 1 Year, it won’t get suspended unless you break the other rules, After year, your account will be disable to Upload but you won’t lost access because they will notify you to buy next subscription. Honestly can’t say anything about suspension but I know something very well they will give you a limit.

Good luck!

Thanks chief really appreciate it, by the way i uploaded my details using github edu email still the status is showing pending since last 4 days how many days do i have to wait for github welcome pack?

@SaM please reply

No exact time limit due to their system’s job but probably within 7 days it must get done. and never forget to check your Spam folder. have a nice day!

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thanks @SaM

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i got this working … thanks a lot @SaM… i used IBAN: IT74G0300203280844953647694
from the following site:


Happy to get 2TB free. Thanks bro. All I need to do is follow the terms and conditions of Dropbox and the account should be able to last until a year

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It worked thanks pal :+1::blush:

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Thank, your IBAN works for me and many many thanks to you too SAM.


It worked :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Thank you very much @SaM :heart:

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It worked! Thanks man :grinning:

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The best !!! Working fine.

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