How To Get 200+ Games Pass For Free

  1. Visit Lenovo Gaming Forum
  2. Find Game Pass Post - Linked Here
  3. Register for acc, use temp mail etc but remember logins
  4. Make a quick post on the welcome board, add some game names you would play etc.
  5. Reply on the GP thread and ask for a code, could use some SE skills
  6. Wait 1-3 days for the code, check lenovo acc inbox and email.
  7. Redeem code on a alt acc, using vcc etc
  8. Enjoy access to 200+ games for your PC

Offer is Time Sensitive and Stock is Already Depleting, so Use Quickkkkk


@Prometheus Could you please say where the link is? You have mentioned that it is “Linked Here”. But I couldn’t find the link. Is it about the Lenovo legion?


Where is it?