How To Generate Income On YouTube Without Creating Videos

Learn How to Generate Income on YouTube Without Creating Videos!

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • Techniques for monetizing YouTube without producing your own content.
  • Strategies for identifying lucrative products to endorse.
  • Utilizing YouTube research to pinpoint high-performing videos.
  • Capitalizing on affiliate offers to generate revenue.

Identify the Right Affiliate Product:

  1. Select a product for promotion and profit.
    Utilize Clickbank to explore suitable options.
    Seek products with high “gravity” and recurring billing.
    Understanding Gravity:

  2. High gravity (200+): Indicates high demand but also increased competition.
    Low gravity (<100): Suggests less competition but may indicate lower product popularity.
    Consider factors like product cost, commission rates, and geographic targeting for profitability.
    Concentrate efforts on top-tier countries for high-value products.
    Conduct YouTube Video Research:

  3. Investigate each affiliate product on YouTube.
    Search for “product name reviews” or “product name testimonials”.
    Analyze existing videos to gauge public opinion.
    Avoid endorsing products with negative feedback.
    Video Selection Process:

  4. Handpick products available on Clickbank.
    Watch YouTube videos to gain insights into the products.
    Whenever possible, personally test and experience the products.
    Leverage your firsthand encounters to craft compelling video descriptions.
    Monetizing Through Videos:

  5. Choose a product such as “Videly” from Clickbank.
    Focus on creating review videos for Videly, a video-oriented software.
    By following these steps, you can master the art of earning money on YouTube through affiliate product promotion, all without the need to create your own videos!


Happy learning!