How To Gather Discord Members For Your Servers


What you need:

  1. A discord server and account
  2. a Disboard server
  3. An Email address
  4. 2 braincells

Step 1. You need to create your discord server and add the disboard bot to it

Step 2. You need to advertise your server well like I have here:

Step 3. You need to add a verification bot, now this is where it can get tricky so put your thinking cap on and go to one of the 2 websites below, i recommend using restorecord since its free

Step 4: after setting up the verification bot members will start joining in from your disboard ad, when they verify they add a discord authorised app to their account, this allows you to add them to any server you like

Step 5: (I will be using restorecord for this example) go to your dashboard, then servers and click the migrate button.

Step 6: watch those free users join your server

This could be used for advertising or selling discord servers to people (people do buy discord servers with members in them)

Happy learning!