How To Fix Roku To Play Netflix Without Any Problems

Who don’t like watching Netflix and watching Netflix in a bigger screen is even more fun. With Roku you can just do that i.e watch Netflix in a bigger screen in your television. But not every time you can open Roku and watch your favorite shows on Netflix. Sometimes, you face a situation where Netflix not working on Roku. You are reading this article means probably you are also among the group of people who are facing problem with their Netflix.

You are in the right place, we will help you solve your issue with Netflix in Roku. It’s better to understand the cause behind the issue so that troubleshooting it becomes easy.

Cause for Netflix not working on Roku:

There are different causes for Netflix to not work correctly in your Roku. We have listed some reasons below. Check them out and figure out what may be the reason for your Netflix to not work on Roku. We will post the solution for each of the respective problem in the solution section below. You can scroll down to the solution section once you knew the reason behind Netflix not working on your Roku.

Below are some causes for Netflix not working on Roku:

  1. Your Netflix subscription has expired.
  2. There is Network Issue in your Roku
  3. Your Netflix app is not updated
  4. Your Roku system is not updated
  5. Some mysterious issue with Roku.

Solutions for Netflix not working on Roku

Now that you knew the reasons behind why Netflix is not working in your Roku. The solutions for Netflix not working on Roku is pretty easy and straight forward. Just follow each steps one by one. We will cover solution for each of the above mentioned issues. We will first start with the mysterious issue with Roku and move up to the first issue, that is checking the Netflix subscription.

Solution 1: Restart your Roku

The first step to solve Netflix not working on Roku is turning your Roku off and on. Its most probable that just doing this will solve your Roku problem. If you haven’t tried turning off and on your Roku then give it a try. Turn your Roku off and wait for atleast 30second before turning it back on.

You can also restart your Roku by going to SettingsSystem and select System restart.

After your Roku is turned on check it whether Netflix is working or not. You should open Netflix without any issue now.

See how easily the Netflix not working on Roku problem is solved just by simply restarting your Roku, that’s why I have said some mysterious issue because its fixed with just a simple reboot. But if you are still facing problem with your Netflix move on to solution number 2.

Solution 2: Update Roku

Some application are made for special version of software. Like that sometimes the Netflix version that you are trying to run may not be compatible with the version of Roku you are using. Because of this you are facing Netflix not working on Roku. To make its simpler its like giving iPhone 12 pro to some 1930s people. (I know its hard to find people from 1930s but just imagine how will they use the iPhone).

Updating the Roku system software is pretty simple just follow the steps:

  1. In your remote of Roku Tv click on “Home icon” button.

Netflix not working on Roku – Home button

  1. On the left side of your TV screen, you will see different menus. Go to one saying “Setting” By clicking on the down arrow on the remote.

Netflix not working on Roku – Setting button

  1. Once you have reached the Setting, Click on right arrow on the remote. You are presented with different different setting of your Roku. Click on “System”

Netflix not working on Roku – System Setting

  1. Once you are in System, click on right arrow on your remote and go to “System Update”

Netflix not working on Roku – System Setting

  1. Once you are on System Update, tap “OK” on the remote.

Netflix not working on Roku – System Update

  1. It will say “Check Now” as you can see in the screenshot above. Then tap again “Ok” and it will search for system update.

Netflix not working on Roku – System Update Checking

  1. If your Roku system is not up to date you will get an option to download and install the Update. If see any updates simply update the Roku.

Now that we have updated the Roku system, the Netflix not working on Roku problem should be solved. If you are still facing the problem then you should probably move on to solution number 3.

Solution 3: Update Netflix App

As we mentioned in the Solution 2, how having outdated version of Roku system software can cause the problem. Like that using outdated version of Netflix can also create the issue. So you have to check for update of Netflix App as well. To check for updated follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the home of your Roku and search for Netflix.

Netflix not working on Roku – Netflix

  1. Once you found Netflix tap on “Option” in your remote that looks like an star symbol.
  2. After tapping on option you will see different options. From the options go to “Check for Updates” and tap “OK” on your remote.

Netflix not working on Roku – Netflix Update

If there is update to your Netflix app you will see it there simple update your Netflix app and enjoy watching Netflix.

Solution 4: Re-adding the channel

If there is no updates to the Netflix app then, you should delete and re-add the Netflix channel.

We won’t explain this much in detail because we guess you already know how to add Netflix to your Roku.

Solution 5: Check For Network Setting

The most common issue for Netflix not working on Roku is network issue.

Speaking of network issue it can be anything the problem with your connection or VPN if you are connecting via VPN.

If you are connected via VPN, disconnect your VPN and try. It should fix the issue. Moreover you can also check the internet connection in your Roku.

  1. From home screen, scroll down and go to the Settings menu. (All steps are explained in Solution number 2)
  2. Scroll down and go to the Network option to check if your Roku TV, streaming stick or set-top box is still connected to internet.
  3. If it is, you can click on the Check Connection option to test out your network connection.

If you are facing Network issue then, its better to shift from Wireless network to Wired Network and connect via LAN cable.

Solution 6: Clearing Cache

If nothing so far has solved your problem our last option to clear the cache because sometime cache can cause strange errors. Clearing cache is Roku is preety stragnge.

To clear the cache of your Roku device tap the following combination in your remote:

Tap Home button 5 times , then Up arrow up, Rewind button twice and forward button twice.

Once you have entered the above combination in your remote, wait for some time for Roku to clear cache. (Source: thetechrim)

Happy learning!

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