How To Find The Devices In Your Network Easily!

For this tutorial, you will need:

  • A computer

  • Linux or Windows ( I’m going to use windows for this tutorial, but i’ll also explain the way to do it on Kali and arch)


For this method we are going to use a tool called “nmap”, which is a very popular network mapping tool. To install it on windows just go to their official page and download the latest stable version. After it is installed open a terminal window and type:


this command will show your default gateway address ( most of them look like 192.x.x.x). Then you will have to type:

nmap [gateway address]/24

that way, nmap will print the devices in your network and their ip addresses.


If you’re using kali linux nmap is already installed. Instead of “ipconfig” you have to type “ifconfig”. The rest of the process is the same. If you are using arch you can still download it and do the same thing, but you still have to use “ifconfig” instead of “ipconfig”. Also, If you are connected with ethernet for example, it will print “eth0” and next to it some info. You will have to look where it says “inet”. This applies to wireless connections too but it’s not gonna print “eth0”. Just remember that “docker0” and “lo” will not show the default gateway address.


  • If you are using a virtual machine this will not work. ( It didn’t work for me at least)

  • I suggest using a VPN

Thanks for reading my tutorial.


Hi @TheStrength
thank you for the share
but I need to say that I have windows 10 and nmap is not command, I need to install it.

SoftPerfect Network Scan or Nirsoft’s NetBScanner or just login to router and see connected devices :smiley:


Missing from Win11 default installation as well.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Nmap is a utility that’s not part of any Windows OS. It needs to be installed just like any other 3rd party program. Once installed you will be able to use > nmap at the command prompt.

If you’re asking these questions about Nmap then I’d recommend you go with a simple GUI program such as Angry IP Scanner. Nmap is … the best… but for those who don’t use it regularly it’s just not worth the added time to learn the plethora of commands. Especially if you’re only going to use it to ping sweep for devices.