How To Find Deleted Youtube Videos | Easy Solution 2021

I don’t think there is anyone reading this blog and haven’t used or heard of Youtube. Almost everyone who uses a computer and the internet is familiar with youtube. You can find videos about almost any topic you want. You yourself can upload videos and good entertaining or educative content.

Youtube is one of the most used search engines after Google. Google is used to index all the websites and webpages throughout the internet while incase of Youtube, Youtube is the search engine platform for videos that are uploaded to youtube servers by people from throughout the world.

Youtube is flooded with billions of new videos every day. With being flooded with so many videos on youtube. Along with useful videos, a lot of crap and unwanted shits that violate common rules videos are also uploaded in it.

To tackle this problem and making Youtube a crap free clean search engine. Youtube has made a strict community guideline on what people can upload and what isn’t allowed.

The rules made by Youtube along with crap contents sometimes filter the good resource too. If you are in search of that good content that has been deleted by Youtube and you want to watch it. Then you are in the right place.

We will provide you with the possible solutions through which you can watch and enjoy the deleted Youtube videos.

Causes of Videos Getting Deleted:

  • Frequently reported by users as offensive or for any reason.
  • Plagiarism
  • Violated Community Guidelines
  • Offensive or Discriminating or Disrespecting a group of community.
  • Promoting Hacking/ Destructive Things.
  • Related to Terrorism

There are a lot of reasons for a video to get deleted from Youtube. Anything that violated the community guidelines and Youtube terms and conditions is deleted from Youtube.

We will provide a solution on how to retrieve deleted youtube videos. But the thing is, The video is deleted by Youtube and you retrieved it. There isn’t a way you can praise the creator through the video. You can only watch them online.

Youtube does delete videos that violate their community guidelines without prior notice to their viewers. So don’t be shocked if you find deleted videos in the watch later or playlist list. They are justified.

How to get the deleted Youtube Videos:

Now you have known all the possible reasons by which the youtube posts get deleted. Let’s head over to the solution on how to retrieve those videos for viewing even after they are deleted from Youtube. The steps are simple. Just follow each step properly to successfully retrieve the deleted Youtube video.

Step 1: Go to Youtube

The very first thing to do is head over to the Youtube page. We are not on Youtube’s page to view the video as it is already deleted from the platform. Just log in as usual to Youtube, and go to the section where the deleted Youtube video is listed and which you want to retrieve. Get the link to the deleted youtube video which you want to retrieve.


Step 2: Go to WayBackMachine

WayBackMachine is an internet archive project made to achieve all the good things that existed in the internet. You can find an archive of almost all sites on the very website. You just have to get the URL of the website whose history you want to see and give a simple search on this WayBackMachine site. They consist of more than 531 billion of pages archive. ( at the time I am writing this post). This project was mainly developed for developers or historians or researchers to provide them with the internet archive so they can get information about the past things that existed on this internet.

Now After you get the link to the deleted Youtube video which you want to retrieve. Open a New Tab in your respective browser. After opening the tab, put in the URL bar. or google search ‘Way Back Machine’ and select the first option. By either way, you will get to the respective website. You will see the WayBackMachine’s website with a lot of icons and shits in it. Just look for the search box with the go button. Now the main show begins lol.

Step 3: Paste the Url

Now you are on the WayBackMachine page. Head over to the search and go part of the page as mentioned in the picture above. Now Paste the Youtube deleted video’s URL that you have got from step 1. or you can go to the next tab where the Youtube page is open to copy-paste the Youtube deleted videos URL. After putting the respective URL in the search box click the go button and see the magic lol.

Step 4: Check Browse History

Put the link in the search box which is next to the Waybackmachine. Thoroughly make sure you have a copy and paste the correct URL. Putting the incorrect URL will give you a completely different result than you expected. So make sure you have entered the correct URL and hit the enter button from the keyboard to search for that URL. And now grab popcorn and stay back and let the site find that respective video for you.

Step 5: Enjoy it!

You may need to wait for few minutes for the site to find that respective video for you. Within few minutes, WaybackMachine will give you results for that respective deleted Youtube videos. After following all these steps properly you can successfully retrieve the respective deleted Youtube video you were searching for. The site will show you the history of that link from where you can get that video. If you want to enjoy or backup the video now. Then download from that website and play normally. :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: While choosing the archived year don’t choose recent years because you may see deleted results in the recent years. So rather choose a bit previous or old year from the list or bar.

This is the most simplest and effective method to get Youtube’s deleted videos back. But You can’t avoid the Youtube community guidelines. Any video or creations violating them will surely get deleted and no effective way to avoid it. (Source: techrim)

Happy learning!


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