How To Export Cookies To Watch High Quality Movies

Here, this is how you export cookies in browser.
1 .Download the below add-ons for Firefox. CLICK HERE
2. Next step is copy a cookie from the file and paste in a separate txt file. Save it.
3. Then open the add-on. Click “manage all cookie” on the bottom click on “Import/export” menu.
4. Next click on “restore cookie from a file”. After that select the cookie from file manager and click “ok”.
5. That’s it. cookies will be successfully exported and you will be logged in.
6. If you have android TV or 4k tv box that is officially Netflix certified then just install Netflix TV apk on your TV.
7. Go to the login option and select “Login with browser”.
8. Now your tv will display a code. Go to and enter the code.
9. voila! you will be logged in on your TV.

But if you don’t have 4k tv, as you know Netflix won’t let you stream 4k on Firefox. Here the next trick comes. You can stream “4K NETFLIX” only on EDGE browser. But edge browser doesn’t have the same extension. So, we are gonna use a different one.

  1. Download the below extension for EDGE. CLICK HERE
  2. This extension doesn’t support same format cookie as the Firefox add-on. So we need to convert the cookie.
  3. Don’t worry, it’s easy. Just copy a cookie and go to this “LINK”
  4. Paste the cookie there ton the top box and converted cookie will be on the bottom box.
  5. Copy the cookie from the bottom box.
  6. Go to NETFLIX on EDGE
  7. Open the extension.
  8. Click on delete icon. N.B: Do that when you are on Netflix home page
  9. Now click on the"Import" icon. Paste the cookie. Click on “Save”. important: Do this when you are on Netflix homepage.
  10. Just refresh the Netflix homepage. You will be logged in.
  11. Now check the the Netflix account setting if the account is on 4k.
  12. Check 4k supported Netflix title like “Dark” if it shows 4k on the show’s homepage.
  13. play the shows and press this shortcut “alt+ctrl+shift+D” when not in full screen.
  14. Now you can see playback info if it’s playing on 4k or not.

Happy learning!

WARNING: Asking for cookies or bins of any kind, NOT ALLOWED ON FORUM!


how can we export cookies from tv to pc ?

im not sure,unless theres a specific app for that