How To Enhance Your Online Privacy

Ways to Boost Your Online Privacy?

As the internet is becoming complicated with our everyday life, it has become vital to be cautious about how you’re protecting yourself and your online information. In this age, where every other day, we heard the news about data breaches and hacks, it isn’t enough to trust browsers, ISPs, and websites to do this for you. A strong reason for not believing them is the lack of their default privacy settings.

Being an empowered internet user, it is our responsibility to control as much of your privacy as you can. The following are some ways to improve your online privacy.

1. Install a Password Manager

2. Update Your Account Information

3. Use a VPN

4. Modify Your Social Media Settings

5. Go With Software Protection Products

6. Update Your Software

7. Enable Two Factor Authentication

8. Avoiding Clicking on Bait

9. Update Cookies

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