How To Earn With udemy account ? Explained

Hi today i’ll show you my personal method on how to earn money with udemy account without creating courses or anything

  1. Signup on udemy and start enrolling in courses which are free only for the limited time ( enrolling in one niche is advised meaning don’t enroll in multiple niches)
  2. go on reddit or any other forums or tell your friends that i have a udemy account with web development courses on it or any other niche which i really don’t need and now i’m selling it cheap
  3. sell your account and again repeat this process :slight_smile:

hope it helps


A little more detailed please sir :sweat_smile:
Even bucks would help me out now
Thanks in advance <3

i think i have explained in detail but i’ll try to explain more

All you have to do is enroll in courses which are free for a limited time using coupons after enrolling into some courses sell your account to your friends or on facebook or whatever

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Any good traffic sources for this method?
Thank you sir <3

i don’t know about others but i share my accounts on reddit and facebook groups

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In which section of Reddit We will post it, I am unable to post in Annoucement section and ARTS section, Please help me , I have udemy account of 256 Paid courses enrolled.
Please help me earning a little amount from this
Thank You.

what is a price of a udemy account with more then 11000 paid courses?

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what a cheap person, better share it with other sharing is caring why to sell when you get it for free help others learn from the course and earn money with your guts


its better to sell, other than account getting waste, sharing is good but it will not help the creator, at least the person who bought the account can give the review to the course creator after completing the course, which might help the creator indirectly. it is mutual benefit to all seller-Udemy-creator-buyer.

Well Said @Ether_Hack :+1:

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better to sell for what to fill your pocket? better do nothing if you don’t want to spread knowledge if someone wants to purchase let them purchase from seller rather than you


This is mad ooooo :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: