How to earn passive income from your data (not bandwidth or internet)

Hello Onehackers,
How many of you love passive income? If yes, then this post is for you.
Is internet free? Nope, you pay via your data. Your data is valuable and holds a lot of value. Yet most of us don’t even realise how freely we are allowing big tech companies to use this data. They are getting richer day by day, but now, let’s take our share back.
Introducing Swash, the first even data union where you can trade your data against money. Yes, and this is pure passive income. You just need to install Swash extension, link is available below, and browse as you usually do. Swash captures your browsing history, ignoring any personal information like passwords. This data is anonymised and sent to streamr network for aggregation. Then it is sold to streamr marketplace to the highest bidders. Then, the amout earned is distributed among it’s users in terms of datacoin. You can check the price of Streamr Datacoin from coingecko. For more information, either visit the official website, link is available below or comment below. I would be more than happy to answer them.
Datacoin is available to trade at major exchanges like Binance.
Now, you can download the extension either from my referral link or non-referral link. If you use the referral link, you and I would both recieve 10 datacoins. But to prevent spam, my referral’s earnings would be locked for 48 hours, and you would only receive the bonus once you have accumulated 10 datacoins.
Official website : Click Here

Non referral link - Use the official website or search for Swash on chrome web store.
Swash is available on all chromium browsers and firefox on windows and mac, safari for mac, and amdroid browsers supporting chrome extensions like Kiwi and Yandex Browser Alpha and Beta. At the time of writing, there are no android apps and neither there is support for firefox for android.
I would be discussing more such projects here, so stay tuned. Your support would be highly appreciated, if you’re using my referral link.
Thank You for reading.


how is this any good compared to other crypto?

With no intention of slag off the post since it clearly states what you are getting you self into.

I will just let this over here for anyone interested into what kind of data collection we are talking about.

if you want to more what else it collects then Here is the link

Ah and lets be honest they get plus points because at least they are been honest and transparent.

Me thinking that WhatsApp new policy was absurd… :rofl: :joy:

Isnt this like Brave rewards? How much do you earn in this though?

As told above, this allows you to earn passive income if you allow your browsing data to be sold in the streamr marketplace. You would receive a share of the highest bid, in datacoins. All you have to do is to browse as usual.

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