How to earn from email list | Autopilot system for earning cash out [TIPS]

The only autopilot system for earning cash out there is building a large email list. Believe me when I say tell you this is the best way to automate your business, having your own email list is like having your own personal ATM machine.

I’m going to keep this answer short and sweet for you.

I have been in the internet marketing business for over 8 years and I make over 100k a year, now I had to work my butt off the first couple of years to be able to just relax now and make this kind of money almost on autopilot. I will tell you how I was able to accomplish this and the reason my profile says (landing page expert). Starting off I didn’t understand the importance of having a strong email list and how other internet marketer were able to make so much money every month without doing much work if any at all.

When I finally got smart enough to stop what I was doing and really do some research to see exactly how they were doing this. I found out they had MASSIVE and I mean MASSIVE email list. With this list of thousands of people on it they could send out a mass email with the newest product/service, CPL/CPA offer or there own product and make a killing. I will tell you exactly how myself and other Internet marketers make our money basically on autopilot.

OK I will use myself for this example as I have an email list of about 50k, now this is very small compared to other internet marketers and companies. Marketing is a numbers game the more eyes you can get looking at the service/product that you’re offering the more chances you have to make sales. If you make sure you are always providing something of value the will always make sales. Credibility is very important and you must always be careful what you’re promoting, becuase if you start losing the trust of the people on your list your ATM starts dispensing less cash (LOL)

OK back to the example this is how I make 100k a year with my 50k email list. I find new and good products/ services I feel can help the people in my niches and I send out mass emails about every 2 weeks and then it’s a numbers game because I always offer very good products/services I usually get around a 4% conversion rate everytime I send out emails. 4% of 50k is 2k in sales at $19,$27,$37,$47, or even $97 at times depending on what I am promoting at the time you can start to see how this can add up. The bigger your list the more potential you have to make more money, this is how it works.


Anyone who has been in the internet marketing world has heard this phrase and I just explained to you why it is so important :slight_smile:

ENJOY :slight_smile:

Credits: @Troy Draves


Thanks for advise. Do you have your PRO profile, story, official page, web?
I love to start networking as well.
Talk later :sunglasses:

I have email list. I want to discuss more about email marketing and need your advice can you help me?

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