How To Earn $6 Per Day

  1. Register here

  2. After Registering go here and generate wallet adress.

  3. Now go here and after every 25hours you will get a code that you must submit in the field down.

  4. Happy Earning

  5. A German Explain Youtube Video

  6. A German Register Video

  7. Here you can see it works.

Happy learning!


HI thanks for sharing…but how to withdraw the amount to my bank account. ?


This video just tells us how to register but the second video dont tell how to earn - can anyone help be more specific and in simple terms -

Plus how to withdraw money thanks !!

how to withdraw


Try ask for support there on Minebase…

i dont understand where to get the code from?

where I can find the code?

You need to have some Ethereum in your wallet to withdraw the money you make !! IDK the amount but it is written and on video !!

how can I convert MBASE coin to ETH or other?
Please check the screenshot below…

You need to deposit some ETH here below, which will be deducted as a gas fee for withdrawal of MBASE -

is Mbase coin available on BINANCE?

The withdrawal process is what is written on website - i dont know how to withdraw and sell to earn actual USD - this is what i am also asking the author !!

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