How To Earn +$100 From Fiverr Using A Funnel Strategy!

I) What’s the Method?:
In this method, I will be showcasing to you how you can integrate 2 sources of income together. In this case, I will be showing you how you can use Fiverr to your advantage and promote your SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) or Web Developing services using a simple funnel strategy. You can either do everything yourself if you’re qualified, or you can outsource everything.

II) Tools & Requirement:

  • Fiverr Seller Account.
  • Funds. (No fixed amount)
  • A protfolio or a website with previous work and testomnials for your SMMA or Web development service.
  • Photoshop or any photoediting software

III) Step 1:

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is sign up to Fiverr as a seller.
Fiverr already have their own instructions and tutorial on how you can set up your own Seller Account, so I won’t be going into that.

IV) Step 2:

Now you will start creating your gigs.
As your end goal is to get clients to buy your SMMA service or Web Dev service, you will have to initially target people who are just starting out in this space.
This means you have to offer a service which all new people look for, which is “Niche Finder” & “SEO Keywords Finder/Research”.
Providing such service will attract all the people people who are still new, most likely still don’t have anything set up and getting them in your funnel system.
If you’re having an issue with how you should set up your gig, you can simply take an idea from already existing gigs.
Make sure the gig thumbnail you make is clean and looks professional so it stands out from all the others. Also, as this isn’t your end goal really, you can set the price as low as possible to attract as many people as possible.
Now to deliver the service itself, you can use your own tools and knowledge, or you can outsource this job from any other similar site.
An example of a site you can outsource from is SEOclerk, and a quick search on there will get you many results like this one for $1.

V) Step 3:

Assuming you already made a sale of that gig so far, and you already collected as much data from the potential client like the niche and his business/company name. Now you will pitch them your Premium Service.
You will simply pitch them your SMMA services or your Web Development based on what they missing.
An Example of the pitch would be for an SMMA service:
An Example of the pitch would be for a Web Development service:
You can of course outsource too from sites like Freelancer and Upwork.

VI) Notes:

This “method” or “strategy” can also be used to promote any other service like setting up a shopify store or setting up a youtube channel, etc…
It might be better to set up multiple gigs with different broad services to have more chances of getting customers.

Too much competition on Fiverr, so you will have to find your own ways to promote your gig, and make the price as low as possible ofc as this isn’t your main goal. It’s not to earn $5-10. It’s to pitch your premium service you can charge $200-1000.

Happy learning!