How To Earn 10$ A Day Just Sitting At Home (Not Illegal)


1: Is this just a referral? No

2: Is this site trusted? Yes, many big companies you know go thru them to get their sites ready for launch

3: Is it gonna cost any money to start? Nope.

4: How much can I make from this? $10-30+ a day depending on how many tests you do.

5: When do I get payed? 7 days after you take a test the payment is AUTOMATICALLY deposited to your PayPal.

Requirements for method:

  • PayPal
  • a mic/headset (cheap $30 USB mics work)
  • PC/Mac/Phone/Tablet (the more types of devices the better)
  • A room to record in ( I recommend a quiet one)

Now that that’s out of the way, onto the method.

We will be using UserTesting, a well known website used by big companies like Walmart, Facebook, and AirBNB
to test how people will interact with their website/app by recording your screen and microphone audio.

They pay a flat rate of $10 per “test”. Each test you will be talking and thinking out loud about what you are seeing, doing, and expect to happen when doing the tasks provided.
(Example: Find towels on the site without the search bar, find where to pick different color towels. Stuff like that)

The tests take anywhere from 5-25 minutes to complete. They also have a app to test more types of sites for mobile devices.

I’ve been doing this since the beginning of “quarantine” and made a few hundred off it, here’s (Proof of payment and withdraw)

1: Go to and click “Get paid to test”

2: Put in your email and verify it

3: Add their browser extension and take the screener test, it’s like an example test so they can see if you know how to do the simple tasks and read out loud
Example test video:…h?v=zVag4mLiRss

4: After taking your first test they will take around a month to accept you or not
(as long as you followed the example video you should be easily accepted)

5: After you’re accepted you can start making money!


After getting accepted, they will ask you to fill out your profile so you get tests you would be qualified for.
You want to make your profile as generic as can be so you can qualify for the most tests.
If you want to copy MY PROFILE to make it easier you can, just be sure to change some of the things to fit you best.

Also, please look up more examples and practice talking out loud when browsing sites so you have the best chance of getting accepted.

Happy learning!


@TheStrength How often is a new review available, and how do you get notified about the same? (for a week/month)

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