How To Dox A Youtuber | Guide To Dox Any Youtuber In The World

1. Pre-requisites :

  • So first of all you will have to find his “PRO” address.
  • This address is often marked either in the “About” tab of YouTube or on social networks (Instagram and Twitter).
  • After finding this famous email address. Look for a product on Amazon that will potentially interest your victim .
  • If it’s a Minecraft youtuber with 500 subs → A gaming keyboard will be suitable
  • If it’s a High-Tech youtuber with 100,000 subs → A Gaming PC.
  • When you have found a suitable product create an email address with the name of the brand in it.

Example: A KLIM brand keyboard → [email protected]

Take gmail if you don’t know how to create an email address with a custom domain name. The chances of success will increase quite a bit if you have a personalized email address.
After having done the pre-requisites we will move on to the handling part.

2. Handling of the victim :

I think you are starting to understand the ruse, we are indeed going to usurp the identity of a brand that is looking for an influencer to advertise a product.

You will send an email with your fake pro email adress to the “pro” (lol) address of the youtuber.

An example :

Let me introduce myself, I am Frédéric the director of the sector which is responsible for the advertising of our products and we are currently looking for an influencer (the number of subscribers of your victim) and your profile matches our criteria.
We can send you this product: sample keyboard in exchange for a promotion on your YouTube channel. Of course it is within your rights to say what you honestly think of the product.
Contact me again if you are interested in our proposal
Cordially. Pico of Boku No Pico who is in charge of the advertising

If you get a positive response it’s goood.

Respond to his response by asking for his address and name.

You can ask for his phone number if you know SE well but don’t be too greedy.



I am glad that you accept this partnership, in order to ship the product I would like to have some information:
-Last name
-First name

  • Address
  • phone number to notify you of the shipment of the product (risky)


As he is blinded by the earnings he will send you all this.

 Credit to Sweet from nulled

Happy learning!


He may give false names. And they have PO Box for delivery + disposable phone nos available on web

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