How to download windows apps without visiting windows store? (similiar to apk version in android)

I have disabled my windows store because it sends some diagnostic data which consumes the bandwith and make pc slow ,but there are many apps which are available on windows store only , whenevr i trying to download by visiting the store it become unsucessful to download .Is there any website which provides the files of app similiar to apk in android.

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  1. First go to update and security tab in settings, and in developer options ā€˜Enable Sideloadingā€™.

  2. You can copy any windows store app webpage from browser and paste in this website to get its package.

  3. Then open the downloaded file to install it. You can also use below command in powershell(Admin) to install the package.

Add-AppxPackage -Path "C:\Path\to\File.Appx"

I would recommended to use Winget command tool.
Use the winget tool to install and manage applications | Microsoft Docs

Use below command in powershell(Admin):