How to download view only protected PDF from Google Drive (JS code)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the view only pdf document in google docs.
  2. Zoom out the page to 50% and scroll down to the bottom of the pdf so that all pages
    are present.
  3. Open Developer Tools on separate window and choose the Console tab.
  4. Paste the following code below (and hit enter).

let jspdf = document.createElement( "script" );

jspdf.onload = function () {

let pdf = new jsPDF();

let elements = document.getElementsByTagName( "img" );

for ( let i in elements) {

let img = elements[i];

console.log( "add img " , img);

if (!/^blob:/.test(img.src)) {

console.log( "invalid src" );

continue ;


let can = document.createElement( 'canvas' );

let con = can.getContext( "2d" );

can.width = img.width;

can.height = img.height;

con.drawImage(img, 0, 0);

let imgData = can.toDataURL( "image/jpeg" , 1.0);

pdf.addImage(imgData, 'JPEG' , 0, 0);


} "download.pdf" );


jspdf.src = '' ;


  1. PDF should start downloading automatically, after some time(depend upon the size of PDF).

What it does? It iterates through the document checking for images (Google Drive stores pages as images) then writes it’s contents to a PDF.


Hi there! This seems useful, however I want to download a protected google doc (not pdf) which doesn’t allow download options not copying the content. I’ve been trying for weeks now but there’s no way to do it… any suggestion? Thanks!!

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