How to Download Torrent Files with IDM (Torrent to IDM)

I have used both of them, not just them but other sites too like filestream, etc. But I found Seedr much reliable. It gives you 2GB free at the start which you can increase up to 5GB by doing some tasks.

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This is also another method to download torrent files via IDM or with any other download manager.

Check out this link.


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Hey fellas, good day.
I have tried the above torrent clients, but they are are paid if you wanna use the premium service i.e; downloading and storing large file sizes. So I came on conclusion that If anyone wants to buy the premium service, I am ready to pay 50% of the subscription fees ZbigZ. In that way, the burden will be less on us. What say! If anyone is interested lets buy the service together. Inbox me please.
And apologies SaM, if this topic violates any of your website policies. I didn’t mean any spam.
Thank you.

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@shadaab I checked zbigz and it is nice but not ultimate as a matter of fact that it does not seed + it does not have privilege to download premium links. The service is good but it does not allow all Premium Link download + no seed. Otherwise I would have purchased it during Black Friday worth $84/3 years.
Checkout some better service (Premium Link + Torrent) as well as website that offers most of the course content as Premium Link so we could share them with our friends here…

@codegirl thank you for the response. I do not understand as to what do you mean by premium links. I have personally tried the premium service of ZbigZ and I have been able to download all kinds of torrent links, even if they were from private torrent sites. What amazed me was the unlimited storage and the speed at which ZbigZ downloads the files irrespective of speed from seeders. Its caching speed is unbelievable. Among all other alternatives that I have tried, Zbigz is what I would recommend. Moreover, I don’t think there are much sites out there that provide unlimited storage and also the sharing links for other unregistered users. If that was the case, these sites would have not done good business. Don’t you think. is amazing except it is way too costly. Meanwhile lets keep on exploring other affordable options.

@codegirl That’s right. I see your point now. But don’t you think our forum or FTU has never used such premium sites for sharing the files. As far I know, only Gdrive, Torrent links and mega links were used. And I’m afraid coming across a site which supports all premium sites is highly unlikely. Right now we gotta consider the best because perfect thing just doesn’t exist. :sweat_smile:

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Hey Fellows,

I found out that you can use this software to download torrent files and it’s quite fast when you have good internet connectivity.

Get it here from the official page

It works like IDM and has a section under settings called “BT settings” check all the options there and it will automatically pick up your copied Magnet links or you can manually add the link and vooolaah your download is up.


Hope this helps… :sunglasses:


This website gives you 10GB of free storage just by registering to their Free Plan

Careful: Website goes down frequently

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I am using this. Still live until now :smile:

Try this:
Open the magnet link in Brave Browser and start the torrent download(Even if its at 1%).
Click on the download button
IDM pop-up will appear.

Worked for me.

awesome.need more.