How To Download Torrent Directly Into Your Google Drive | High-Speed

Tired of downloading torrent at low speed ? Or your ISP just blocked the torrent and getting slow downloading speed because of VPN ? I got amazing solution for you ! Of course, I am not promoting Piracy with any means !:no_good_man:

Let’s Get started !!!

In this tutorial We are going to use Google Collab to download torrent directly into Your Google Drive ! Sounds interesting, isn’t it ?

Let’s get into it step by step :running_man:t2::running_man:t2::running_man:t2::running_man:t2:

Step1:- Hit on Link :fist_right:t2:

You will see something like this on screen ! Just Click on Open With Google Collab. If u don’t see this option directly click on arrow you will see google collab option over there.

Step2:- click on Open in Playground !

Step3:- click on Copy to Drive

After clicking on open with open in playground popup will occur resulting in opening new tab. Now this opened copy of notebook is your own.

You can see multiple Cells in Page We will run it one by one !

Step4:- Click on Play button on left corner.

After clicking, it will install Python library on google collab which is required to install torrents.

Step5:- Again click on Play button

Now in 2nd tab we need to mount our Google Drive to google collab.

Click on Link which is shown in blue color.

Step6:- Authentication ! :woman_technologist:t2: :man_technologist:t2::woman_technologist:t2: :man_technologist:t2:

Maybe You have single account or multiple account choose any google account in which You want to download torrent file !

After selecting account hit ALLOW.

Step7:- Copy Code with copy icon !

After clicking on copy it will copy the code to your clipboard.

Now go back to your notebook.

Step8:- Paste Your Authentication code .

Paste Your authentication code in input field and hit enter.

We are done With google authentication here ! Now lets go and download torrent.

Step9:- Its Downloading Time !!!

Now for downloading you can use either .torrent file or magnet link ! I will use magnet link. If you want to download using .torrent file then run the cell and click on choose file. And upload .torrent file. If u are following tutorial and want to download with magnet link u can skip this step.

Step10:- Via magnet link

Now for torrent website I am using u can use any website u like.

Right click on magnet download and copy link address.

Now run our cell by clicking play button

It will ask u for the link Now paste torrent magnet link which we have copied before and paste in this input field. You can add multiple links if u want all will start downloading simultaneously. After pasting link now we have to type exit

Step10:- Start downloading

Now click on play button it will start downloading Your torrent.

At bottom You can see Downloading progress of torrent

Hurry ! That’s it ! :man_dancing:t2::man_dancing:t2::man_dancing:t2::man_dancing:t2::man_dancing:t2::man_dancing:t2:

You can see in your drive there is torrent folder in which u have all the torrents you want to download.

BUT Google Drive have only 15gb of Free space. What if You want to download torrent having size more than 15gb ?? :bowing_man:t2::bowing_man:t2: So make sure you are going to download content that fits under 15gb, else use another drive. (Source: Medium)



This is really a good one, Thank you @Prometheus for sharing this with us. really appreciate it… :slightly_smiling_face:

Why are old methods being posted again?


can you share that method


The colab method is new to me :triumph: Thanks for sharing it again

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Personally I use the VidMate application for downloading torrent videos. It’s damn easy ways…

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I have a 140gb file in a torrent which I want to upload to my team drive. How can I do it?

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thanks is working

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its Great thing

Can you provide video tutorial, Please

Change download location to your shared drive manually

thanks working