How to download Saavn Songs/Playlist/Album?

Heyy !! its my first post, thank you guys for your amazing work !!

Couple of months ago there was a site named “” which works fine for downloading entire album/playlist or even single song but this site is somehow shut down now . So, i am hoping anyone know how to download Saavn songs/playlist online or through any software !!

Thank you guys !!


Heyy how can i use this on PC i dont know about python ??
Can you elaborate roughly !!
Thank you !!

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Guys seriously i dont know how to use this downloader can you please guide me how can i use this to download !!

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You use linux or windows ???
If you use windows then download ubuntu 18.04 lts from Microsoft Store and then tick the option of WSL and reboot your pc or laptop
Then in the GitHub link download or clone the package and then open the linux terminal where the package has been downloaded and follow the steps present in Readme that’s it

You can use this APK to download songs from JioSaavn

highest quality of savaan is super duper which is actually 320kps aac and in this apk it downloads lower bitrate

The songs I have downloaded through this APK has bitrate of 315-318kps

Does it download whole playlist ??

No, you have to download the songs individually

Any software / app for downloading entire playlist ??

can we install this in colab?
if yes then plz explain a bit

the link of github i provided can do anything download all songs from one album or all albums from an artist or even playlist it is too much powerful tool

i don’t know about colab but it works perfect in windows and in linux distros
for this you need to install python 3 or above so that pip command can be used after that clone the package from git link provided using git clone command after that go to the directory where you have cloned the repository you can see yourself by typing ls in terminal from their change the directory using cd command followed by the directory name or directly open the terminal in the directory after that follow README file to install it
I tried my best to explain if you still face issue or don’t understand what am i saying you can ask again

Try this

Saavn Toamto This link can be used too @DukeForever


It doesn’t download whole playlist !!

If you can direct us to any video which is present on youtube i guess it could help us, it will automatically demonstrate the whole process !!

Actually, main thing was to download whole album and the whole python thing is just outta hand dont know about it plus Saavndownload is down !!

their is no video in youtube but i can show you some articles how to do it
step 1. to turn on wsl in windows

step 2. after enabling wsl reboot your lapi or PC whatever you have
step 3. after rebooting open microsoft store and install ubuntu 18.04 lts
step 4. after that open ubuntu from start button
step 5. after that you need to install python inside ubuntu how to do it see the link

step 6. download the packages
step 7. after installing python you need to clone the git package how ???
use :-" git clone"
after typing this hit enter
step 8. after that type “ls” hit enter
step 9. change the directory to “cd Saavn-Downloader” hit enter
step 10. you will enter to the directory then type “pip3 install -r requirements.txt”
step 11. after that enter “python3”
step 12. it will ask for url of any album or track find any track in jiosavaan in web copy url and paste then hit enter it will start downloading
step13. your files will be present in here
C:\Users"your pc name"\AppData\Local\Packages\CanonicalGroupLimited.Ubuntu18.04onWindows_79rhkp1fndgsc\LocalState\rootfs\home"your name"\Saavn-Downloader
step 13. their will be folders like non artist and if your download any particular singers album the folder name will be the singer’s name