How To Download Reddit Images In A Bulk

Images and photos are posted to a lot of subreddits on Reddit every day. In fact, Reddit hosts thousands of communities dedicated to the posting of images, from wallpapers and cute animals to furniture, celebrities and also nsfw content.

If you are subscribed to one of these groups or just browsing groups with images regularly, you may be interested in downloading images from Reddit groups. Content may be deleted at one point or the entire group may vanish; if you want to preserve the content, archiving is your only option to make sure that you still have access to it.

A search on the Internet reveals a few solutions, some are web-based and limited, others require Linux or complicated setups. If you are looking for something simpler, Bulk Image Downloader may be an option.

The only caveat is that it is not free. You may download a free trial version and use it for tests. The program is available for $29.99 currently. The payment includes one-year of upgrades and the guarantee that the program remains registered after that period.

Using Bulk Image Downloader to download images from Reddit

Installation of Bulk Image Downloader is straightforward. You don’t need to install the browser extensions, but you can. I did not use them to test the functionality and write this guide.

Downloading images from Reddit, or most sites on the Internet, is easy and requires just a few steps:

  1. Open the Reddit page that displays the images.
  2. Copy the address of the page to the Clipboard. Just right-click in the address field of the browser and select Copy.
  3. Open Bulk Image Downloader.
  4. Right-click on the field named “Url of image/video gallery page” and select Paste. The URL that you copied in your browser should be displayed now.
  5. Select the scan URLs for images/videos button or press F5. Bulk Image Downloader loads the page and parses the images. You should see image thumbnails being added to the preview pane.
  6. To download the selection, activate the download button.

Images are downloaded the Documents > Bulk Image Downloader. The application uses the page title as the name of the download folder.

The entire process is straightforward, but you have several customization options to make it even better. The default process stops after 20 scanned pages. You may increase or decrease the number of parsed pages in the preferences. Select a higher number and more images may get downloaded, select a lower number and less will be displayed.

The program’s configuration lists other preferences of interest. You may configure upper and lower size limits for images, change the number of download threads to speed up the downloading if the Internet connection is fast enough and the server accepts it, or change the number of retries when errors are encountered.

Closing Words

Bulk Image Download is an excellent option when it comes to the downloading of images from Reddit as well as most other Internet sites. The program is not free and there are free alternatives available, but these are either limited or difficult to setup and use.

Happy learning!