How to download Private Youtube Video?

Hello everyone, this is my first post here

so I am not have any comuter experience when it comes to coding or things like that, I dont know what is cookies…but I will just say what I have hear

I have heard through cookies it is possible to download private youtube video that are NOT mine,
BUT the video I did watch it before it become private and I have the LINK

I don’t it is unethical because I already have watch it the video… need an urgent to download,
private youtube video

so this link clime it can downloading private youtube video By using cookies and Youtube-dl

as I am not computer expert, I have no idea what so ever what he is saying, I have tried to download
Youtube-dl but I couldn’t, because I don’t how it is

so any way, if you know an easier way to watch or download private youtube video, please tell me and I would be appreciating it, or if you don’t, then if you explain to me step by step the link I provided above, it would really great

thanks for reading


You can play the video at high quality and then use a screen recorder software to record it. OBS is good and free.

what do you mean by private?

If the owner of the video has made it private, you cannot do anything about it. It’s pointless to do anything at that point.

But if it is important then read this article about it → How To Watch Private Videos On Youtube

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Use your brain for a second and try to search: