How To Download Own Youtube Music List In Bulk

is there any tool that can make this possible any thing that can help me out

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Try Ymusic,its just like YouTube with a download option for both music and videos.You can download in bulk.I recommend you to get the mod apk version or original too.It works well i still use that method.:facepunch:

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This is not working with my youtube music i want to download my liked music from youtube this app help but not give bulk download option

Try this,it works for me tho :
Go to YouTube
Go to your playlist and click share
Then a couple of share options will appear showing which app u want to share to.
Then choose ymusic.
Then the app would start,then u can choose the download options

I did the same thing few weeks ago downloaded my YouTube music playlist,it has fast simultaneous downloads

okk will try and reply

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Using the YMusic app, you can easily download your own music list.