How to download JW Player videos?

JW Player is an annoying video player that makes it harder to download videos.

I’m currently in a subscription website and want to download their videos, however, none of the methods I searched for to download JW Player videos work.

  • The “Inspect” > Network tab > Media tab trick doesn’t work.
  • IDM (Internet Download Manager) doesn’t work
  • Other Firefox/Chrome plugins didn’t work either.

The only thing I found in the source code of the website I want to donwload their videos is a “blob” url, something like this:

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dude install coccoc browser. it will download it for you!

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I didn’t knew about the Cốc Cốc browser, looks cool. It’s a browser for Vietnamese people?

In any case, it didn’t work. It shows a download green arrow on top of the browser but it didn’t manage to download anything.

(in reply to @codaw’s post)

Hot damn. That worked. Sort of.

Following that tutorial, it only allowed to download 1 video and 1 audio file from that site, separately.

So what I did was mix the video and audio together with Camtasia (you add the video track and the audio track), and save it.

Thumbs up for the help.


You better search: A Few Simple Ways To Download JW Player Videos - Know-How!

Good luck & topic marked as solved.

NOTE: How to download, these type of requests not allowed, so next time, read the FAQ please!

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IDM works for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@MikeBlueberry I downloaded all type of videos using Coc Coc Browser. it’s a Vietnam browser. just play video for a few seconds and then hit the green download button. Video will download to your machine.

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I know, in normal circumstances, that’s true. However Coc Coc Browser doesn’t work for this particular site, nor does IDM.