How to download from mega shows files will get deleted in 30 days

how to download from mega …it shows files will get deleted in 30 days and i m not able to download or even delete files …Every time i click on file, a pop up appears and says me to buy pro lite subscription to continue download.
please help

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They warned you earlier. You will have to buy a pro if u wanna download it.

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Even I faced the same prob you cant even download or create a link of that folder or move the files to rubbish bin here is a long methods of how i was able to transfer it from my one acc to another it is a kind of tedious process hope it helps…
Soo mega has a chat section you can use that n send your files to another mega account … you need to make another mega acc … scan the QR code of that mega acc with this one n then you will get a notification that a contact has been added n you will be able to send your files from this mega acc to other mega acc

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i didnt face any such issue

This appears to blocked as well. Not able to send files to chat users. Getting popup saying file deletion

just to make sure, this is only if you exceed your capacity?

thanks for replying… okay i will try this today
Actually the 35gb signup bonus expired and now my account is of 15gb storage and i have files 27 gb files stored in it …also i missed their warning mails 3 times :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:

try this and move to your Gdrive…it may work
not tried by me

Thanks for replying! … I already tried this before , not working :pensive: