How To Download Any Youtube Video For Free In High Quality MP4 ✨

Hello everyone today I’ll show you how to download any YouTube video for free in high quality without IDM

First, go to this link “https://chrome.googl…ccohejagnlnfdag” and click add to Chrome/Brave/Vivaldi or whatever browser you’re using. ---- (or go to https://addons.mozil…/violentmonkey/ if you use Firefox)

Then go to this link “https://greasyfork.o…tube-downloader” and click the big green install this script button

Now go to, and under any video you should find a download button


also for safety reason and privacy concerns : just know that violent money is open source and is being developed by Firefox

This isn’t better than YouTube-dl according to the creator of this script, but it’s more convenient.

PS : combine this with an adblocker and you pretty much have free YouTube premium

Happy learning!


Well, Violent Monkey is not developed by “Firefox” (well, Mozilla), AFAIK. But the real potential security/privacy issue here comes from the second link, which leads to Local Youtube Downloader script: it is even less developed by Mozilla.

Not that I want to discourage people to use this method (both of the tools seem fine and indeed open source), but you seem to suggest that this is “Mozilla-safe”. It is not. I would check the code of the script first if I wanted to install it.

Anyway, thanks for the post.