How To Download Any Skillshare Course | Trick!

This guide will teach you how to acquire and download any Skillshare course for free! ( with 0 requirements )

  1. Get the link for the skillshare course you want to download - for example https://www.skillsha…icks/1146631824
  2. Navigate here and follow the steps on your screen
  3. Once completed, the course should be available in a folder created on your google drive (using the same google account on colab)
  4. Enjoy your course/s!

Happy learning


Not working, the trick is very old.

I have a version of this that has been working for a while and currently is. Also my cookie method is still working too


Do share brother

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Try this link it’s working absolutely fine :-


TRY THIS :arrow_down:

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Completes steps 1 and 2 successfully, however, I get an error when trying step 3.

Look: “mv: cannot move ‘/content/Skillshare’ to ‘/content/drive/My Drive/Skillshare-DL’: No such file or directory”

Can someone help me? I don’t have experience with Google Collaboration.

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Go to your Drive and then go to SkillShare-Dl folder move all the content to some other folder and then delete it , after deleting try the 3rd step it will work . You have to repeat this step every time you add a course to your Drive. It works :+1:


Thanks a lot man!

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